Madia MahadevMandir

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It is a group of temples located in the heart of Jhansi city in Jhokan bagh area. These temples are believed to be built by Gusain sant of this region who also ruled in the Jhansi district for few years. It is also believed that these temples
are built over samadhis of Gusain Sant dedicated to lord Shiva. The major temple is known as Mahakaleswar temple
which has a large Shiva linga of Kasauti -stone (basalt stone) in its sanctum sanctorum. The group of temple is protected monument of U.P. State Archaeological department.

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  • Madia Mahadev
    Madia Mahadev Mandir
  • Madia Mahadev
    Internal View Of Madia Mahadev Mandir
  • Madia Mahadev Mandir
    Madia Mahadev Shiv Mandir

How to Reach:

By Air

At 103 km from Jhansi, Gwalior is the nearest airport. Delhi is the closest international airport, 321 km from Jhansi.

By Train

Jhansi is an important railhead on the Delhi-Chennai route. Most major cities in the country like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Agra, Bhopal, Gwalior, etc. are connected to Jhansi by rail.

By Road

Jhansi is well connected by road to many major cities in the country. Cities like Agra, Khajurao, Delhi, Kanpur, Lucknow, etc. are easily accessible from Jhansi by road.