Dam’s/ Water Fall’s/ Lakes

Sukma Dukma Dam

Sukuma Dukuma Dam
Sukuma Dukuma Dam Jhansi

Drive 40 km from the historic town of Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh and you will be greeted by a scenic, old dam. Known as the Dhukwan Dam, or the Sukma Dukma Dam, this British-era dam is built on the Betwa River, a tributary of Yamuna. Taking its name from the village of Dhukwan, the dam was built between 1905 and 1909, as a secondary dam to Parichha Dam, on the same river. The Parichha and Sukma Dukma dam were the lifelines of the region and are still in use today. They supplied drinking water, water for irrigation and also for the generation of electricity. An interesting feature of the Sukma Dukma Dam is its inspection tunnel underneath. It is said that the tunnel was used in emergencies to cross the river. Visit the dam today, especially during the monsoon, and you will be spellbound by its size and the picturesque greenery that envelopes it.

Lahchura Dam

Lahchura Dam
Lahchura Dam Jhansi

The dam provides irrigation for crops.

Parichha Dam

Parichha Dam
Parichha Dam Jhansi

Parichha Dam, built on the Betwa River near Parichha town, which is about 25 km from Jhansi on the Jhansi-Kanpur National Highway No. 25. Its reservoir – a placid stretch of water that runs to Notghat Bridge, 34 km away from Jhansi – is ideal for water sports.

Pahuj Dam

Pahuj Dam
Pahuj Dam Jhansi

Dam is an important picnic spot for Jhansi city-dwellers.

Garhmau Lake

Garhmau Lake
Garhmau Lake Jhansi

Amidst the history and heritage, Garhmau Lake is a beautiful natural tourist site in Jhansi. Located about 2
km outside Jhansi on the NH 25 towards Kanpur and 12 km from Jhansi fort, Garhmau Lake sprawls over a
vast area of 14 km. The pleasant environment of this place makes Garhmau Lake an ideal sightseeing place
in Jhansi for picnicking and day outing. It is surrounded by low lying hills and is a popular getaway for
tourists and Jhansi residents alike. The views of sunrise and sunset are something to look forward to in this
popular attraction in Jhansi.