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How to reach there :

By Air :

The nearest airports are Gwalior and Khajuraho.

Gwalior     -  103 Km.
Khajuraho -  175 Km.


By Rail :

Jhansi is a junction on the Mumbai-Delhi route.
It is well linked by an excellent railway network.
Some main trains are:

Shatbadi Exp., Punjab Mail, Dadar-Amritsar Exp.,
Jhelum Exp., Karnataka Exp., Mahakaushal Exp.,
Malwa Exp., Kushinagar Exp., Tamil Nadu Exp.,
GT Exp., Mangla Exp., Kerala Exp.


By Road :

Jhansi is well connected by a good network of roads.
It is situated on National Highway No.25 and 26.
Some of the major road distances are:

Orcha (M.P.) 20 Km.
Datia (M.P.) 28 Km.
Lalitpur 93 Km.
Shivpuri (M.P.) 100 Km.
Gwalior (M.P.) 103 Km.
Kalpi 142 Km.
Khajuraho (M.P.) 176 Km.
Kanpur 220 Km.
Agra 221 Km.
Lucknow 297 Km.
Delhi 416 Km.
Gorakhpur 563 Km.

For Local Transport Taxis, Auto rikshaws and Tourist Cabs are


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